Sunday, 24 February 2008

Spot the review

Two new reviews of CBe books. Not in the Telegraph, Times, Independent, Time Out, LRB, Literary Review, none of those places I sent the books out to, and I doubt you’ll find them unless I give you a clue. (Unusual books get reviewed in unusual places.)

Erik Houston’s The White Room is noticed in Monocle magazine (with the above photo), deep among the ads for slinky dresses and shoes and handbags (there’s even a full-page ad for one of those cases on wheels that air hostesses trot around with): ‘a beautifully crafted tale of interlocking lives in London and Norway, imbued with a Scandinavian melancholy’. Which is nice, but this is not a mellow book, oh no (and it’s also absurdly funny).

‘Great approach, gentle rhythm, perfect pitch’ – Jennie’s 24 for 3. ‘Making fun of cricket is easy work, but only rarely has the game been so gently and generously played with as here.’ In the Canberra Times, Australia.


Anonymous said...

rather gutted that erik houston has had so little notice... I picked up my little copy from a great book shop in Crystal Palace, mainly because the jacket design was so fabulous. didn't think the prose could keep up, but the mix betwixt comedy and poetry in the first 50 pages makes me sure this will be one highly recommended...

love what CBe is doing... expect a few novellas in the inbox from a coterie of my literary cohorts...

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