Saturday, 19 July 2008


There’s been a gap, I know, and I’m sorry (says he, apologising to his non-existent readership of several thousand). I’ve been busy, not in a writerly way (which involves very long pauses) but in a journalistic sort of way. I have written, in the past week or so, a ‘My Week’ piece for, a piece on CBe (for a magazine), a piece on the Uxbridge Road (for another), a piece on pseudonymity (for nowhere in particular, but someone says he’ll try to place it), a piece on something called ‘guerrilla publishing’, two columns for the Shep Bush & Hammersmith Gazette (Jennie has been offered a monthly column), a publishing proposal for a book that’s far too big for CBe, and the draft of a proposal for the Arts Council. I got in a rhythm, but it may be ending. So if anyone wants my views on 9/11 or global warming, or some advertising copy for catfood, get in quick.

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