Friday, 5 September 2008

Slight delays on the Circle Line

A maligned institution, London Underground, but here’s spot of a low-cost innovation. Today, Friday 5th September, on the Service Information board at Kings Cross / St Pancras there is (and I wish I’d had my camera, because not everyone will believe me here) a blurb for We by Zamyatin: ‘. . . an epic and disjointed poem written by the “number” D-503. He contracts a soul in the perfect world of Onestate and D-503 must choose whether to cure this sickness or choose freedom over happiness, love over control.’

Written casually with a felt-tip but perfectly legible. Freedom or happiness? – this is serious stuff. Normal service, I assume, on all other Lines.

More, please. Public information . . . Switch on the weather forecast and get a plot summary of Women in Love. In the slot for the FTSE index at the end of the news, a Lydia Davies short story. A bibliography of Isak Dinesen's works on the departures board at Heathrow. It begins here.

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