Friday, 14 August 2009

Gateway consortia

To Glyndebourne today, to talk about Nicky Singer’s Knight Crew (book in September, opera next March) with a marketing person, a press person, an education person, plus others. I’m floundering a bit here, but don’t want to hold up the conversation by asking what a gateway consortium is. Some of the assumptions and conventions I’m unfamiliar with; apparently I’ve already announced something which I shouldn’t have, at least not until December. I come home with a headache.

But Nicky herself is terrific: there’ll be at least 60 young people involved in the opera project, and she wants to get them selling the book themselves; she talks with passion about the book itself, which has to do with the potential in people that both society (because they dun wrong) and they themselves are often blind to.

And really it should be simple, no? I persuade one or two people that the book is worth a few hours of their time and more; they tell others, who tell others, who tell others. I may have to shout to get the ball rolling, a thing I’m not good at (a few people might disagree), but still. A chain letter. Consider it started. (Finished copies beginning of September; if anyone wants advance proofs or a pdf, email.)

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