Thursday, 11 February 2010

IKEA: books furnish a room

After a hard day making Volvos Lars comes home to his house filled with functional, value-for-money furniture. Sorry everyone, calls Inga from the place in the kitchen where the new fridge is meant to go, the cat’s eaten all the herring. And someone appears to have stolen large parts of the ceiling. Lars sits on the sofa-bed and stares with a northern melancholy at the six glasses on the coffee table in front of him, rinsed and sparkling but empty of schnapps. But never mind, Bjorn has just found 23 copies of the new AndrĂ© Brink on the bookshelves.

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Conor said...


your posts or rather 'pic-and-posts' are generally splendid but this is particularly so, I think.