Friday, 25 February 2011

Out to lunch (back in April)

The more time (unpaid) I devote to CBe, the more time (paid) I have to give to the other work that keeps the whole boat afloat – an equation that’s bad for my sleep patterns and squeezes out any scribbling of my own. So I’m taking a break, off for a month to an island – this one, above, though not quite as sunny as it looks: current temperatures are sub-zero – courtesy of the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators.

And there is no Plan B. Which is to say that while I’m away, although the home premises will be fully occupied and guarded by ferocious hounds of Baskerville (and Goudy, Garamond, Helvetica, etc), there’ll be no one to put books in envelopes and lick stamps, so anyone ordering from the website will have to wait for their books until I’m back in early April. Apologies for inconvenience. (During this period the books may still be ordered, of course, from bookshops, which are supplied by Central Books, or online from the Book Depository.)

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