Friday, 24 June 2011

Shop window

1 – new poems from Michael Glover, editor of The Bow-Wow Shop and art critic of the Independent, published by Savage Poets Collective, available here. Designed and typeset by CBe.

2 – three titles from Notting Hill Editions, available now. Five of the first seven NHE books have been typeset by CBe.

3 – three of the first four titles from And Other Stories, published this autumn. All typeset by CBe.

Any other publishers, new ones or old, needing typesetting, get in touch. Editing, typesetting, text design plus the occasional cover – this is my comfort zone. Getting out into the world and making a noise and selling books are not things in which I claim any expertise – which is why, next week, some kind consultant people at the Centre for Publishing Studies at Oxford Brookes will be giving me recommendations as to how I can Sell More Books. All the above have specialist marketing behind them; CBe, at present, doesn’t, but that needn’t stop you browsing the titles on the website and occasionally pushing the Buy Now button.

1 comment:

JRSM said...

I saw the CBe credit in my copy of Table Talk, and wondered if it was you. A lovely job!