Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Not the Poetry Society

‘Small publishers are the backbone of our creative body and now there is a great need for them to come together to consider survival strategies.’ – Benjamin Zephanaiah, June 2011

Let’s have some good news. Let’s gather 20-plus of the smaller poetry presses in one place and have readings through the day and get anyone even slightly interested to come and buy the books. It will happen: Saturday, 24 September, Exmouth Market Hall, EC1R 4QE. Draft flyer above.

I talked yesterday with the Poetry Book Society, who nearer the time will use their mailing lists to help publicise the event. They suggested that we need a short, snappy TITLE for the event. (‘Poetry book fair’ being hardly the most thrilling come-on line.) I thought of Book Now some time ago, but that just led to confusion so it’s dropped. All suggestions welcome.


Nick Asbury said...

Press Gang?

Nick Asbury said...

Or possibly Press Gallery. I'll stop there.

Rob said...

Maybe something with 'London' in the name, so that nobody goes to Exmouth by mistake?