Thursday, 6 October 2011

Red sky at night, the mice will play

The Forward poetry prizes are over for another year. Congratulations to John Burnside and Rachael Boast. The two CBe shortlistees, D. Nurkse and Nancy Gaffield, came, saw and left by the back door. One takes this philosophically, of course. A gift horse is always on the other side of the fence. A miss is as good as a silver lining. What goes up is better than no bread. Sleeping dogs wait for no man. Too many cooks spoil the dwarf. (And other such perverbs from Harry Mathews’ Selected Declarations of Dependence.)

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Anonymous said...

The Nurske [sic] volume is in Foyles and prominently in the too-noisy (and thus unfortunately uncongenial to buy poetry from) Waterstones on Picadilly. Which hopefully counts for something - sales, ideally.