Thursday, 1 March 2012

Catching up

Some things, I realise, I haven’t read/watched precisely because they are classics. They’ve been around for so long that I assume I’ve ingested them by osmosis; or, so many other people have attended to these things, they don’t need me; an element of laziness too. Renoir’s La règle du jeu, for example, watched for the first time this week. Why have I waited 60 years to enjoy this wonderful, funny, sharp, generous, astounding film?

Meanwhile, my local Tube station has grown an inside forest of scaffolding. Why? Because, the helpful LT man explained, there are holes in the suspended ceiling, put up only a couple of years ago at most, which need repairing. Then: ‘No, not repairing,’ he said, and pointed me to a sign: they are ‘upgrading’ the ceiling. ‘For increased energy efficiency and customer ambience.’

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