Monday, 2 April 2012

Two-way traffic

This week Miha Mazzini (above; author of The German Lottery) puts down his very long book, gets out of bed, has coffee and comes to London. And Beverley Bie Brahic (translator of Apollinaire, The Little Auto, and Francis Ponge, Unfinished Ode to Mud) gets on a plane in California and also comes to London. Both to read at the greenhouse bookshop at the Wapping Project this Thursday, the 5th.

Do come. I’m not expecting a stampede, but a gathering enthusiastic enough to show these writers that it’s worth their getting out of bed and on to planes, etc, would be good.

Travelling the other way is Dai Vaughan’s Sister of the artist – published by CBe in February this year and received so far with a resounding silence, but a French publisher has made a very welcome offer for translation rights. Maybe some things can be seen more clearly from a distance.

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