Friday, 24 August 2012

Triangular thing with flanges

Above is what holds the shelves together / fixes them to the sides / allows the tilt. The thing I was trying to tell Ken Edwards about in the comments to the post below the one below.

When I was around ten I had a French teacher who, having given us certain vocab, asked us to describe - orally, and in French - something three-dimensional - a spiral staircase, say - without using our hands. This is, I think, a fine teaching technique. It's a tricky thing to do. (Almost as tricky as writing a blurb, which I'm trying and failing to do today.) One of the reasons I enjoy my local hardware shop is overhearing customers trying to describe to Clare, wonderfully patient behind the counter, the specific fixture or fitting they want, and which they don't have the technical name for. I'd like to be in the hardware shop in Hastings when Ken goes in (for two shelves you'll need four of these). Copying and printing out the above photo is cheating.

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Ken Edwards said...

Thanks, Charles - though I can't seem to access your comment that you allude to. I may cheat and take a copy of the photo to show. A further complication is that the number of shops in Hastings that might stock a triangular thingy with flanges seems to have been curtailed alarmingly in the past year or two. Anyway, I look forward to admiring your shelf (and taking furtive notes) at Free Verse in a week or so.