Thursday, 13 June 2013


Today, for the second time, I was sent an email asking me to fill in a questionnaire for a survey ‘designed to provide the first really detailed picture of the different ways that arts and cultural organisations are using digital … Our hope is that this will turn into a key resource for all organisations across the sector …’

I click the link. First question: ‘Which one of the following best describes your role within the organisation?’ The tick-box options are: Managing Director / Deputy Director. Artistic or Creative Director. Director / Manager / Head of Marketing / Audience Development. Director / Manager / Head of Development. Director / Manager / Head of Digital. Director / Manager / Head of Programming/Curation. Finance Director / COO / General Manager. Other senior manager. Non-executive Director / Trustee / Chair. Other.

The survey is funded by the Arts Council, Nesta and AHRC. Of course I’m a little irritated and of course I’m not going to fill in this form. CBe’s applications for funding for its publishing have been turned down three times by the Arts Council. To see who the Arts Council does support through its Grants for the Arts programme, and how much each gets, click here and download a pdf or two.

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BBB said...

"All of the above"?

Anyhow I see CBe is reviewed in this weeks TLS again, so it must be doing something right.