Monday, 8 July 2013


First pic shows the shop this morning at 9.30; second pic, how the blue and orange colours of the shop posters chime so well with the RBKC rubbish bags.

We’re out of the shop now, and the next lot (shoes, dresses) are already in. The pic below shows Laura Del Rivo and Michael Horovitz, who separately came by this afternoon to say goodbye. Many thanks to Ross Bradshaw of Five Leaves and Tony Ward of Arc for trusting us with their books. We – that is, Todd Swift, Nii Parkes and I – would like to give huge thanks to the following poets and writers and singer (in no particular order) who, in addition to Laura and Michael, came to the shop to give readings or performances or whatever during the week: Mark Ford, Keith Jarrett, Leah Fritz, Kimberly Campanello, Christopher Reid, Astrid Alben, Liane Straus, Tim Dooley, Tim Wells, John Stiles, Fiona Curran, Andrew Motion, Sandeep Parmar, James Byrne, Sarah Westcott, Denise Saul, Jacob Sam La Rose, Anthony Howell, Harry Man, Cathi Unsworth, Tamar Yoseloff, John Greening, Steven Fowler, Vanessa Vie …

To any I’ve missed, apologies. I’m tired, the edges are blurring. Thanks to all who came by, too. I’ve mentioned on Facebook but I’ll mention here again the woman from abroad, in London for a few days only, who happened to be passing the shop when Andrew Motion’s reading was about to start, and who came in. Andrew Motion prefaced one of his poems with a story, a very funny one, about Larkin and the Irish poet Richard Murphy. The woman who had happened to be passing by happened also to be Richard Murphy’s daughter.

I’ve no idea who the girl is in the photo below. If we’d taken 10p for every photo taken with the gorilla outside the shop – hundreds each day – we’d be rich. We’re not rich; we’re writers, small-press publishers, etc. It was a great week.

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