Sunday, 3 August 2008

Off to the country

Today in the Sunday Times there is a photo of the-man-who-sold-Jennie’s-book-to-Mick-Jagger in a precarious position. (It’s true that to work in John Sandoe’s you need to have trained as a sardine-canner, but you can usually reach the book you want without quite such a daring leap.) His own novel, Dreaming Iris, is officially published tomorrow. It’s good, and deserves to sell in shedloads.

On Tuesday Jennie goes to a bookshop in Woodstock that is next door, she’s told, to a shop called Silken Dalliance. If there’s a decent wine shop in the same street she may be away for a couple of months. Feeling it’s time they had some attention too, the other CBe authors probably won’t miss her too badly.

(By the way, chasing 307 to win, Sri Lanka were 24 for 3 at lunch today, the fourth day of the Test against India.)

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