Monday, 4 August 2008

Supply & demand

Abebooks, bless them, are listing a signed CBe edition of 24 for 3 on sale from a Shropshire bookseller for £110. Jennie can recall signing no more than two or three copies of the CBe edition, so it is indeed, as the bookseller describes it, 'quite scarce'. As are the unsold and unsigned CBe editions: I have just two on my selves, and could get hold of perhaps a couple more. In the interests of creating havoc in the rare book market, and helping towards funding the printing of the October books, Jennie will sign and send these remaining copies to anyone who sends a cheque to CB editions for exactly half the price the Shropshire bookseller is charging.

Happy birthday, Mr Thornton.


JonathanM said...

Well, all I can say as a very early supporter of Jennie is, I only wish she had settled her glass long enough to sign the hundreds of copies that I took from you - it must be true that I did, I read it in The Sunday Times, and as a result am now swimming in a sea, a swamp of, plaintive requests to stock very bad poetry, terrible misery memoirs, travel guides to the Sudan and God knows what else, because, you know, I am officially a Rupe endorsed supporter of the self published.

The least she could have done was invite me to her launch party for the new hardback edition.

Oh, she did. I was tidied by the tidy fairies and they take no prisoners. Can't find the sodding invite anywhere.

When is it? Has it been and gone?

Will she be wearing the strapless number?

Much love to her anyway from the high south- between you and me I've always quite fancied her actually. (Not that BBT character though, always seemed a bit creepy, but perhaps that's just me.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennie, I like that Sleudian Frip about copies of your book - "just two on your selves" - must be hard to keep track.