Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Brighton today, where I took books and flyers for a Knight Crew event on 3 December at Borders in Churchill Square – where, alongside Nicky Singer talking about the book, there’ll be some of the children involved in developing marketing ideas for the opera, and prizes too: books, opera tickets, hoodies with the Knight Crew motif . . . For those at the back of the room whose attention has been wandering, a recap: Knight Crew will be staged at Glyndebourne next March as a youth opera, with 6 professional singers and 60 young performers recruited from local schools and community groups; and the making of the opera is being filmed with Gareth Malone for a BBC documentary.

But first is the book, and for this you don’t have to wait until March. In fact you could go to the CBe website and buy a copy right now.

Nicky’s website is here; the Knight Crew opera website is here.

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