Thursday, 5 November 2009

Restaurant review: Zanzotti’s, Soho

This week’s TLS has a review of Christopher Reid’s ‘surprisingly successful and innovative’ The Song of Lunch, alongside his Mr Mouth and A Scattering. Given that the review remarks ‘how far Reid has matured and moved on’ since the early collections that established his reputation, it’s worth noting (and asking yourself, if there's no one else around, why this is) that all the three new books under review come from publishers so small they’re not even on the radar of the Poetry Library’s list of 69 small-press poetry publishers.

Also briefly reviewed in the same issue of the TLS is Simon Rae’s Unplayable, a children’s cricket book (published by Top Edge Press, designed and typeset by CBe last summer): ‘The dream of the unplayable bowler, the natural who can barely understand the game but can beat all-comers . . .’

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