Thursday, 30 September 2010


Get a dog, my sons insisted when I quit the 9-to-5 office routine some time ago. They cajoled, tempted, made rash promises, and I resisted. Now there is the blue dog of The Bow-Shop, which is boisterous and inquisitive and straining to be let off the lead. (And you don’t even have to feed it: it’s free.)

The new issue asks whether Dante is really about to be banned in Italy and whether poetry competitions are a scam; it discusses Empresses of Ice Cream and the factory-farming of poetry; it has writing by Christopher Middleton, John Hartley Williams and many more. It also happens to include new work by two CBe writers (Beverley Bie Brahic – translations of Yves Bonnefoy and of work by Francis Ponge not included in the CBe selection – and Christopher Reid) and extensive selections from two books that CBe will be publishing in the coming months.

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