Friday, 24 September 2010

‘one dicey London lunchdate’

There’s a piece in this week’s Spectator by Ariane Banks on how Christopher Reid’s ‘slim and diffident volume [The Song of Lunch], published by the tiny literary press CB Editions, will be transposed to prime-time TV on National Poetry Day (7 October), with a cast that most writers would kill for.’ Tom Sutcliffe and his crew will will chatting about the BBC adaptation of Lunch at 7.15 tomorrow, Saturday, on Radio 4. There’s an item on the back page of the TLS mentioning the publication of Gabriel Josipovici’s Only Joking by ‘the enterprising Shepherd’s Bush publishing firm CB editions’ and giving my address – if I’m out when you ring the bell, I’ll be back after lunch.


CR said...

Hello Charles,
didn't hear the radio review, but have seen the film - it's really good. Made me want to know more about Mr Reid's work.... which brought me here - I'll now explore.

Best wishes,


CR said...

Watch a clip from the programme here:
BBC website: Song of Lunch

Sarsparilla said...

Came across it accidentally on TV the other day. Really quality programming - congratulations to all involved. You can't help but be intrigued to read more of Reid's work when you see this. Brilliant.