Monday, 22 August 2011

White chair pink chair

& cat with matching tongue.

Googling CBe throws up a mix of items. Here is someone happy that a book ordered from the CBe website at 13:51 on one day arrived the following morning. We aim to please. Here is the Telegraph round-up of the Forward Prize shortlistees reproduced on The Lyre blog; between the item as it appears in the Telegraph and this version the words ‘the admirably wayward small press’ have crept in to describe CBe.

Here is a Slovenian item on the occasion of Urska Zupanec, the translator of Miha Mazzini’s The German Lottery (to be published by CBe next February) being appointed, as far as I can make out, Slovenian cultural representative to the European Union in Brussels. Working the other way – i.e., into Slovenian – Zupanec has also translated Simon Armitage, Craig Raine, Margaret Atwood. If she has time to spare, the Google ‘translate this page’ facility could do with her services: ‘The balance between different roles in life and help her hunt mainly yoga.’

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