Monday, 29 August 2011

‘The Year of Reading Dangerously’

See here for a new blog review of Markson’s This Is Not a Novel. But don’t go there for just that. In January the blog-writer announced that ‘Over the next year I’m going to explore the world of experimental fiction. Some of the writers will be well known, and others more obscure. Hopefully some new names will surface. While I intend to read many of the “classic” experimental novels, I have no intention of attempting to be exhaustive . . . At times it will be difficult, but – who knows? – I might enjoy it.’

He/she (I have no idea who 1streader is) has been busy, and the enjoyment level has been pretty high. In the past two months alone there are reviews of books by Enrique Vita-Matas, Robert Coover, Quim Monzo, Jean Echenzo, G-O Chateaureynard and others. Many of these reviews are Lezardish, in the sense that they make me want to read those books myself, and soon.

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