Saturday 26 January 2008

Pancakes or . . .?

This (photo by Kathryn Weatherell) is Muriel Belcher, founder of the Colony Room in Dean Street, Soho. I won’t rehearse the various antics of D. Thomas, F. Bacon, D. Hirst, etc, that the Colony Room has witnessed over the years, because to find them enchanting it helps if you’re pretty pissed yourself, and anyway many of them are related in the piece in this week’s Time Out which marks the Colony Room’s 60th birthday. The place is small, historic, densely atmospheric, and on 5th February, courtesy of Michael Wojas, Wiesiek Powaga will be reading there from In Sarah’s House (CB editions), his translation of stories by Stefan Grabinski. 5th Feb also happens to be Shrove Tuesday, so it’s a straight choice between either pancakes or (as billed on the invite) ‘an evening of horror and beauty’.

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