Thursday 6 March 2008

24 for 3: the intermission

Grisham, Schlink, Carey, Meek, Walker. Walker? Jennie, that is. On Monday her 24 for 3 was in the Evening Standard’s list of the five fiction bestsellers in London during the previous week. These newspaper lists are hardly scientific evidence, but she’s liking being in there with the boys, the big boys.

She’s also picked up a 5-star reader review on Amazon, even though you can’t buy the book directly from them, and the company she keeps there is very different: if you search by title, Jennie’s book is followed by something called National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1386 Investigation of the Drag of Various Axially Symmetric Nose Shapes of Fineness Ratio 3 for Mach Numbers from 1.24 to 7.4; and next comes Rheumatic Disease Clinics of North America.

However . . .

Very soon there’s going to be an interval, during which you’ll be able to buy ice creams but not 24 for 3 – because Bloomsbury have bought the book and will be publishing a new, revised and slightly longer edition, and the CBe edition is winding down and won’t have any more printings. Has Jennie sold her soul for glamour? Will she spend all her money on taxis and drugs? What will she be wearing for the launch party? We’ll keep in touch and let you know. Meanwhile, first come, first served for the last few copies of the CBe edition.

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