Friday 3 April 2009


The two books I mumbled about below, Christopher Reid’s The Song of Lunch and Jack Robinson’s Recessional, are back from the printer and are now on sale from the website. Here they are, along with February’s Natural Mechanical by J. O. Morgan (‘this arrestingly lovely memoir’ – The Scotsman). And along with – oh yes, the boats. There was a time, a good few years ago, when, finding writing just too damn hard, I started putting boats into bottles instead. Distraction activity: just the right level of difficulty to keep me busy, concentrated on the task in hand. Some people bake cakes, do crosswords, start up kitchen-table publishing ventures. The writing doesn’t get any easier; but at some point it needs to be done.


Tom C said...

And may they all be hugely successful.

TA said...

Re Recessional: I note that Jack has been in sombre mood of late. But need he have worried? It now seems Mr Merdle has merely to retreat to some dark and private place for a little quantitative easing and all is well again. Helped on by government-supplied laxatives, no doubt.