Tuesday 30 June 2009

Cricket balls

Next week, the first Ashes Test between England and Australia. You knew this already. Anticipation builds. The tennis is as nothing. And just in time . . .

Above left is Jennie in her new summer dress: the paperback of 24 for 3 (‘I loved it’ – Mick Jagger) is published next week, but seems to have arrived in shops already. Above right is Jennie’s new friend, Unplayable by Simon Rae (author of, among other books, the standard modern biog of W. G. Grace). Unplayable is a children’s book, the story of Tom Marlin and his (blurb) ‘dizzying rise through the cricketing ranks – a journey involving danger, controversy, heartbreak and heroics, and culminating in the chance to help win the Ashes for England’.

Unplayable, also published next week, is published by Top Edge Press (and typeset by CBe); it will be for sale at cricket grounds and from the Unplayable website (up in a few days, Alan and god both willing) and can be ordered from bookshops (ISBN 9780 9545495 4 1; distributed by Central Books). Sales of the book will support the Cricket Foundation, a charity whose Chance to shine programme operates in 3,000 state schools. It has a foreword by Mike Gatting, who captained an England team that actually did win the Ashes. All things are possible.

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