Tuesday 21 July 2009


Now that there’s someone else in place for the cats to boss around, I’ll be away for some days, to the very same place in Italy where I walked into the sea with my wallet in my swimming trunks two years ago and then came home and within 24 hours had decided, well, if money flows out of my possession so fast, it would be more fun to publish a few books than simply hand it over to the crabs.

I don’t think hordes of online buyers will be inconvenienced by delays in the posting of books; this seems to be one of those periods when I get more enquiries about submitting work than actual purchases. (Are there more writers out there than readers? I’m not the first to wonder about this.) But I’m looking forward to being back. Nicky Singer’s Knight Crew will be published in the same week in September as the new Dan Brown. Mainstream publishers are bringing their big names forward in a desperate attempt to get shelf space. Dan who? We will stick with mid-September.


May said...

Hopefully you gave your money to a nice spot of water - the sea around Sardegna, for example.

charles said...

May - east coast of Puglia, in fact. Where I was swimming this morning; and then at the Colosseum in Rome at lunchtime; and now have just had an Indian takeaway for supper in west London. Strange world.

May said...

I was there a few years ago and found it quite nice. The whole Gargano is interesting.

It's a surprising world indeed. A couple that I know stumbled into some close friends of theirs in a remote area in Eastern Turkey.