Friday 11 December 2009

[K]night Crew

Nicholas Tucker, in a round-up review in today’s Independent: ‘Night Crew (CB editions, £7.99) is a fine but bleak updating of the King Arthur legend . . . cleverly worked out and compassionate.’

‘Did you mean Knight Crew?’ as google might ask. He did. Homophones, always a slip waiting to happen: Suns and Lovers, A Tail of Two Cities, A Farewell to Alms, The Blue Flour, Peyton Plaice. Clever things, perfectly disguised to get through the spell-check barriers.


Anonymous said...

War and Piece, A Portrait of the Artist as a Jung Man, Grate Expectations, Journey to the End of the Knight, Weighting for Godot, Happy Daze, What, Cities of the Read Knight, If on a Winter's Knight a Traveller... I could go on but fortunately I won't. As soon as I locate my cheque book I'll order those 2 copies of Nat. Mech.
Keep it real CB.
-Dan Pounds

Shona said...

The Son Also Rises...