Wednesday 19 November 2014

The magazine: update

The website page for the CBe magazine is now up: here. (Plus a little simplifying of the site: no pamphlets page but look, there they still are, now on the 'About & News' page at £6 for all three.)

Magazines and books are such different species. There is work that I might not choose to bring to book, but here seems right. Putting the first issue together is like compiling a guest list for a party: X and Y and Z may not like each other but I like them all and they’ll just have to muck along or avoid eye contact. It’s also like doing a jigsaw but with the pieces changing size and shape as I move to put them in place.

Sonofabook 1 is an indulgence: new, or previously untranslated, work by writers on the CBe list. Thereafter, the whole thing will put into the hands of guest editors. No book reviews because no print magazine, not even one coming out every month or so, can hope to attend to good new books without its choice of what to review appearing selective in the extreme. (Good long overviews of particular writers, live or dead, may be welcome.)

Because, after the first issue, I’m putting each issue in the hands of a different editor, I can’t hold anything over from issue 1 to the next, so anything I seriously want in but have run out of space for will vanish over the edge of the cliff. (I can, of course, forward such things to the next editor, but they will have their own ideas.)

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