Sunday 8 May 2011

Book Now (1)

The above is from a new page on the CBe website, giving early notice of the poetry book fair to be held in September. The image is a bit austere (there’s another one coming soon), but you’ll notice that there’s plenty of room on it to add place and date and names of presses. If interested get in touch.

Typesetting: as well as for Notting Hill Editions, And Other Stories and Istros Books, I’m now doing this for an about-to-exist imprint called Savage Poets Collective, who are, so far, very mild-mannered. Anyone interested in adding to the heaps on my desk, speak.

A drawing I remembered last week and that I wanted to photograph turns out to have been made for a project in which all the drawings were rolled up, inserted into tubes and sent out to sea. The girl in my local cafĂ© has got RSI from making too many coffees. (What happened to RSI, by the way? Wasn’t there a time when everyone was getting it, or worrying about getting it?) The parakeets are back feeding in my neighbour’s garden, but the vodka business is looking fragile – something to do with exchange rates. I met a man who last year sent me some writing from prison. I too, to my own surprise, have been writing (the good weather makes the early hours more usable). My income has been taking a whack. If the Earl of Southampton happens to be reading, or any other generous patron, get in touch.

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