Monday 23 May 2011

Illustrated days

1. Taken on the ferry back from the Baltic island at the very end of March. I grew very fond of that island (which features largely in Susan Wicks’s new collection from Bloodaxe, House of Tongues; she too spent time there; it doesn’t just disappear over the horizon, it haunts).

2. Chip, on top of boxes of books that need to be sold. I’ve started a consultancy process with people at the publishing studies place at Oxford Brookes. There won’t be uniforms and compulsory company songs, but there’ll be changes.

3. A cockatoo feeding on the neighbour’s feeder. The unexpected happens anyway, no need to plan for it.

4. The fairytale bookshop at the Wapping Project, which is now stocked with a few more CBe titles. Lydia Fulton having gone away to have a child, which is a more important thing than running a bookshop, it’s now run by Benjamin Eastham, co-editor of The White Review, for which I’ve written (too late for the new print issue, which will be out in a week or so, but it's on their website ) a piece on the Arts Council cuts.

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